Manulife Scholar (II)

This Endowment policy is designed for child education. It pays 3 Yearly Cash Benefits towards the last 3 policy years. The 3rd cash payout, being the Maturity Benefit, would include projected bonus (if any). You may choose to receive the 1st Yearly Cash Benefit at age 17, 18, 19 or 20. Premium will cease when the 1st Yearly Cash Benefit is payable. Upon maturity, the Life Insured can purchase a new Whole life or Endowment policy without evidence of insurability. This policy is available for ages 0 to 9. It offers death, TI and TPD benefits, which are based on 100% of Sum Assured plus projected bonus (if any). You can also attach optional riders like premium waiver to enhance its benefits.

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Child Education Savings Plans

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(1 years old, Male)


Purpose: Savings

Product Type: Child Education – Child Education

Commission Rebate: Eligible

Coverage Duration: 13 to 22 years

Premium Duration: Throughout policy duration except the last 2 policy years

Need Underwriting: Yes

Cash Value: Yes

Cash Payout Frequency: Yearly payout in the last 3 years

Option to purchase a new policy without medical underwriting upon Maturity.

I want a savings plan specially designed for child’s tertiary education

3 yearly payouts towards the last 3 policy years

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