Singapore’s Term Life Insurance Comparison Table (June 2017)

By Shawn Lee
Jun 02, 2021

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It is difficult to compare insurance policies between different companies.

To provide transparency, we launched this comparison table so that consumers can compare term life insurance policies across insurers in Singapore and make informed decisions when insuring themselves and their loved ones.

There are large price differences between the insurers. This table is updated monthly since we first published in November 2015.

We consider the following example of a Male, Non-Smoker:

  • Policy coverage till 70 years old
  • S$1million Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Coverage

Annual premiums (S$):

Age Aviva LogoAviva AIA AXA LogoAXA Life Great Eastern LogoGreat Eastern HSBC Insurance LogoHSBC Insurance Manulife LogoManulife NTUC Income LogoNTUC Income Prudential Logo Prudential Tokio Marine LogoTokio Marine
30 $1,182 $1,250 $1,480 $1,560 $1,064Apply $1,465 $1,447 $1,370
35 $1,558 $1,738 $1,760 $2,050 $1,488Apply $1,823 $1,800 $1,670
40 $2,071Apply $2,562 $2,247 $2,100 $2,820 $2,145 $2,273 $2,462 $2,510
45 $2,712Apply $2,911 $3,190 $3,780 $2,713 $3,219 $3,152 $2,830

For a Female, Non-Smoker,

Annual premiums (S$):

Age Aviva LogoAviva AIA AXA LogoAXA Life Great Eastern LogoGreat Eastern HSBC LogoHSBC Insurance Manulife LogoManulife NTUC LogoNTUC Income Prudential Logo Prudential Tokio Marine LogoTokio Marine
30 $927 $878 $900 $1,010 $751Apply $992 $941 $950
35 $1,155 $1,174 $1,230 $1,350 $1,048Apply $1,269 $1,114 $1,140
40 $1,530 $1,665 $1,450 $1,610 $1,840 $1,460 $1,500 $1,396 $1,650
45 $1,871 $1,823 $2,200 $2,400 $1,774Apply $2,135 $1,794 $2,080
*With information from and comparefirst. Figures are compiled on 1st June 2017. **Prices reflected in the table reflect ongoing existing promotions and discounts which are in the knowledge of. Data is generated based on date of birth on 1st January. ***Prices are not reflected for certain products due to individual product specification limitations.

You are advised to approach a financial advisor for his/her opinion on the features, details and current quotes of the products, to determine your needs or if you are considering to purchase, surrender or restructure your existing insurance policies. To seek advice from DIYInsurance, contact us by clicking here.

DIYInsurance by Providend Ltd

We have used the following parameters for these reasons:

S$1 million sum coverage: For those of us who are supporting our families, having S$1 million life coverage to provide for our dependents is not unthinkable. To find out how much you need, use this simple calculator.

Coverage until 70 years old: There comes a time in our life when our dependents (Eg. spouse and children) are no longer dependent on us and our existing assets and savings would be sufficient to provide for them should anything unexpected happen to us. 70 years old is a good estimate for how long we should cover ourselves with life insurance until.

To find out more about The Case for Term Insurance, click here.

Backed by key people with almost 2 decades of experience, all staff from DIYInsurance are salaried based. Not being remunerated on a commission-basis means there is no hard-selling and over-selling.

This is insurance based on no one’s agenda except your own. Click here to compare Term Life Insurance.

DIYInsurance (Do It Your-way Insurance) is Singapore’s First Life Insurance Comparison Web Portal started in June 2014 by Providend Ltd to empower people to make informed decisions about their own insurance purchases. In addition to ongoing promotions, we rebate 50% of the agent’s commissions back to our clients so that they enjoy greater cost savings.

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