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DIYInsurance Packages

We understand that sometimes, it is difficult to decide what insurance we need and which insurance companies to buy from. So we have researched, compared, analysed and put together a special package with the best combination for your needs.

These packages provide essential and comprehensive insurance coverage if you are a young working adult or if you have a baby. So just “pick” one and go!

Baby Package

The birth of your new born brings a dream of possibilities, wonder and hope. Your number of dependents increase and the financial responsibility on you increases. You need to ensure that there is sufficient to provide for unexpected medical incidences of your baby and to plan for their education needs.

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Young Working Adult Package

Fresh out of school, you are eager to excel in your career. It is a significant achievement as you receive your first pay cheque with your own effort after years of schooling. As you strive towards your life and financial goals and your financial responsibilities increase, you need to protect yourself from the financial impact of any unexpected events.

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Why Buy from Us?

In this short video, the CEO of Providend shares with you the Purpose of DIYInsurance.
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