Why Term Insurance?

Article Author - Christopher Tan
By Christopher Tan
Sep 20, 2016

At DIYInsurance, we have always advocated Term Insurance as the best way to provide for sufficient insurance coverage.

Recently, we had a few industry practitioners attacking the use of term insurance on our facebook page.

To share our thoughts in detail and elaborate on our insurance philosophy, we have written an e-book, The Case of Term vs Whole Life Insurance: A Comprehensive Consumer Guide. We hope that this e-book would be able to help you have a better understanding of how you can plan for their own insurance needs.

We have put together the following infographic to cover the contents of the e-book succinctly. However, we really recommend that you will be able to read the entire e-book which provides more details. You may click here to download the e-book free for a limited time.

A Comprehensive Consumer Guide e-book free for a limited time

Download The Case of Term vs Whole Life Insurance: A Comprehensive Consumer Guide e-book free for a limited time: Click here

We hope to empower you to make informed decisions about your insurance purchases based on no one’s agenda except your own.

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