Young Working Adult Package

As you enter the workforce, you need to protect your income potential from the uncertainties of life. Unfortunate events such as death, occupational disability and medical crisis can easily diminish your future earnings and bring hardship to your dependants.

Young Working Adult

Package Coverage

We have compared, analysed products across insurers and put together this special package to provide essential and comprehensive coverage for yourself.

Protection against Key Life Risks

Sum Assured & Coverage

Death / Total Permanent Disability1

Provide living expenses all of for your dependents, outstanding loans, gift to beneficiaries and your children's education.

Critical Illness (Enhanced)

Alternative treatment cost (Eg. Traditional medicine and overseas treatments) which you may require for 36 critical illness definitions such as Major Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

Early Critical Illness

Alternative treatment costs for early stage of critical illness.

Specified conditions such as Diabetic complications, Mastectomy and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever.


$10,000 per condition, up to 6 times

Hospital bills and certain outpatient treatments

Private hospital3
Occupational Disability

Monthly payout for income loss if unable to work in own or reasonable occupation

$3,000 monthly payout, with 3% yearly increase4

This plan covers you during your working years till age 65. The hospitalisation plan provides lifetime coverage.

Premium: $172 monthly (estimated)5

Note: You may customise the plan according to your needs and budget.

Premium & Rebates

When you buy from DIYInsurance, you can also enjoy

$720 in total (estimated)

50% rebate of agent's commissions6

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Young Working Adult Package

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1Total and Permanent Disability. Typically means total lose of any 2 of 6 limbs (namely eyes, hands and legs) or inability to perform at least 3 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living (namely feeding, dressing, washing, toiletin, mobility and transferring).

2This benefit is included as part of the $150,000 Critical illness benefit

3The premium for main plan of integrated Shield Plan is not included as it can be paid off by CPF.

4Based on salary of $4,000 per month. Can only apply to cover up to 75% of salary

5Based on Male, age 25, non-smoker and desk-bound job.

6Commission rebate is computed based on actual plan size taken up. Rebate is usually paid over 2 to 3 years